Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Right Look For Movie Cap

I've been saying to Vicki, over the past week or so, that the cowl they've come up with for Chris Evans to wear in Captain America: The First Avenger just doesn't work for me. It's admittedly always been a little strange looking, even in the comics, but it really comes across as goofy in live action mode. In the various trailers for the film, there have been three different looks for the character once he's got the rest of his costume on:
  1. With cowl on
  2. With military helmet on
  3. With nothing on his head
I actually think # 2 looks best, but also like # 3.

Today, a new poster arrived, and check out the image:

Good choice! I hope they minimize how much of the movie he spends under that stupid cowl!!

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Boneman8 said...

I wonder how many country fried rubes are going to watch this movie and come out of it saying, "Who knew that Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four is ALSO Captain America?!?!"