Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Perils Of An All-Digital Movie Future

Here's an interesting article on how the movement from physical film to digital could be setting up a disaster for the movie industry in terms of archival.  It's quite the ironic turnabout, as digital was seen as the salvation from decaying film prints of the past.

I can relate to this personally as I was recently thinking about the VHS tape we have that contains home movies from the 90s, which I'd be hard pressed to watch right now as I'm not sure we have a working VCR.  I would guess, tho, that the explosion of people recording video on their phones over the past decade will likely lead to a cottage industry of format converting utilities, as there will be millions (billions?) of customers out there who desperately want to retain access to their children's music recitals, Christmas mornings and stupid human tricks.

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