Monday, February 09, 2015

Humans On Mars In The Next Decade?

I'm never quite sure how seriously I should take the Mars One mission, as it vaguely feels like some bizarre combination of prank, scam and pipe dream.  But they're now in the process of narrowing down the field of volunteers who've applied to go on the one-way trip to our nearest planetary neighbour, which definitely has the effect of making it seem at least somewhat more real.

So is it really going to happen?  Will we actually have human beings on Mars in about 10 years' time?  If so, wouldn't that inevitably be the Story of the Century, or at the very least, the most popular Reality TV program (on short time delay) of all time?  Who wouldn't want to follow the day-to-day activities of the first humans to live on another planet?!

Anyway, I hope it happens.  I'm not about to volunteer for the journey myself, as I'm pretty happy right where I am.  But I'd be fascinated to see a few others do it, if it's really possible.

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