Thursday, October 01, 2015

9th Anniversary Of This Here Blog

While it certainly doesn't get the traffic that it used to, Kimota94's Place is still up and operating, 9 long years after I started it with a post entitled Misadventures in Blogland back on Oct 1, 2006.  A lot sure has happened since then:
  • I've enjoyed 7 years of retirement so far, and have never regretted getting out of the rat race at 45 for even a moment
  • I've written 8 books, starting off with 3 non-fiction before moving into the much more satisfying task of novel-writing
  • Vicki has joined me as a retiree after about 15 years of off-and-on contract work
  • Tammy's graduated from Western (and the Ivey School of Business) with an HBA, become an accountant and even lived in Australia for almost 2 years
  • We've been fortunate enough to get the best cat ever, as Jonesy joined our family a little over 3 years ago
  • I've finally tired of being a comic collector, deciding last year to begin selling off and giving away some of the 30,000 comics I'd accumulated over the course of 40+ years
  • I've managed to keep in touch with the work friends who meant the most to me from both of my last two jobs, even after 14 and 7 years, respectively
  • Life has gone on, as it always tends to do
Anyway, I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue to 'maintain' this blog, even at the reduced level I've sunk to lately, though it's already outlasted any reasonable prediction I might've made about its lifespan way back in October of 2006.  So that's something, anyway.

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