Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Brother Of Mine Is In Hand!

After taking a week to print (usually a 1- or 2-day operation), my print draft copy of No Brother of Mine practically flew here, arriving about 24 hours after it finished printing! I've checked it over, made a few small changes, and placed the big order. I'm hoping there won't be further printing delays, but we'll see.

Current plan is to have a Book Launch event here at the house, with friend Susan helping out on the hosting end. Our tentative date right now is the afternoon of Sunday, May 6th; however, I'll firm that up soon and send an e-mail out to all interested parties, once we know for sure that the big order is on its way to us. I hope we can get a good turnout for the Book Launch, as that always makes it a special event.

We're nearly to the finish line on this project, which is exciting news, indeed!

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