Tuesday, July 23, 2013

12 Monkeys TV Show?

12 Monkeys used to reliably show up on my "Top 20 Favourite Movies of All Time" lists that several of us loved to compile, back in the day.  I very much still consider it one of the best, and most enjoyable films I've ever seen.

Now comes news that the SyFy channel is planning a TV show based on it.  Whether it's a one-shot or an ongoing series is still to be determined, but either way... it's hard to imagine the Terry Gilliam version being improved upon.  Vicki and I recently watched La Jetee, the short (and very low-budget) film that Gilliam's masterpiece was based on.  While there was a lot of imagination behind La Jetee, it was mostly a mess and pretty hard to watch.  I'd personally say 12 Monkeys was about a million times better, but maybe I'm biased as I saw it first.  Can't imagine the TV show will impress, but I'll probably still give it a try when it makes it onto Canadian cable.

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