Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Is It With Plagiarism All Of A Sudden?

First we had Rand Paul lifting entire paragraphs of his speeches from Wikipedia and elsewhere (uncredited), and now it's Shia LeBeouf.  As the linked article points out, he not only stole the material for his short film but also lifted the wording of his apology!  Do people really think that they can get away with plagiarism in 2013, when everything is at our virtual fingertips and crowdsourcing happens constantly, whether we want it to or not?  I almost wonder if LeBeouf foolishly believed that Daniel Clowes was some obscure cartoonist that only he had ever heard of, and therefore nobody would be likely to pick up on the fact that his 'creative process' was really just theft.

I find stuff like this truly shocking.

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