Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Conference Championships I Hoped For

Over the next 24 hours, the New England Patriots will visit the Broncos in Denver, and the Seahawks will host the San Francisco 49ers in Seattle, all in the quest to decide which two teams will meet in 15 days in the SuperBowl.

Almost 3 weeks ago, once the playoff teams had been decided in both conferences, I made my picks for who I wanted to see play this weekend: NE vs Den and SF vs Sea.  They weren't the teams I necessarily thought would be on the TV tomorrow, as I would've said New Orleans or Carolina looked like more likely than San Fran in the NFC, for example.  But the matchups I was most interested in seeing were those two, and lo and behold! that's what we've got!

I'm predicting that we'll be treated to a pair of great games, with four outstanding quarterbacks all vying to make it to "the big show" in two weeks.  I know both of us will be glued to the set tomorrow, starting at 2:00.  Let's hope the quality of play lives up to all the hype!

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