Friday, February 10, 2012

2nd Draft Complete

I spent the last week and a half doing a couple additional passes on the new novel, as well as sharing the 2nd half of it with (brother) Richard, who seemed to quite like it. The purpose of Draft # 2 was to tighten things up a bit more, add some descriptions in places that needed them, and try to differentiate the characters' voices as much as I could. On that last point, I fear there's still too much of what Tammy commented on within Game Over: "most of the characters sound too much like you" or words to that effect. She was right about that in my first novel, and I haven't quite gotten away from that yet with this one. But I'm trying.

Vicki's reading her way through the book now, although she started over again at Chapter 1 to refresh her memory on the parts she'd read earlier. So I'm still waiting to see what she thinks of anything past about Chapter 6.

Julie, who's read through Chapter 7, now has the complete 2nd draft, and hopefully will give me some feedback soon. She's due over here Sunday night for her birthday party, so we'll see how far she's gotten by then (no presents for her if she's not very far along, I say!!)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do this time around for editors, as I'm not having much luck finding anyone with the necessary skills and time available now. Who knows... maybe this will be my first book that I'll publish unedited, and then I'll have good reason never to try that stupid move again!

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