Thursday, February 02, 2012

2nd Novel Update

After burning some late hours getting that first draft done at the start of the week, I took the last two days mostly off. I needed a little time away from it so that my subconscious could work away at figuring out what I'd forgotten or gotten wrong, and that's still going on. Plus, I just needed a break from it after such an intense period of writing.

Tomorrow, I'll be working with my brother Richard to review some of the later chapters, which will be his first look at them. As I mentioned in the previous post, no one but me has read beyond the midpoint. I'll finally get some feedback on it and then I'll have a better idea how it all holds together. Next week, I'll probably pass it on to Julie and Vicki, after incorporating whatever changes Richard and I come up with. It's a little nervewracking not knowing if it works as is or not, but that's just an occupational hazard with the way I've written it (in big bursts, rather than a steady, regular pace like I had at the start).

While I didn't bother making up a plot chart for this book like I did for Game Over, I did resort to a few notes on the last 3 chapters before I started writing them last weekend. I had most of the plot developments in my head before I did that, but needed to map out which chapter each belonged in and make sure it all flowed with the right pace and rhythm. It was about 1/10th the amount of work of Game Over's big, sprawling plot chart... but it served its purpose!

And that's my update, such as it is.

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