Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our House As Studio Setting

I recently asked Carl, a former co-worker of mine who has a well-known interest in photography, if he'd help me out with the cover for my 2nd novel. I was initially just hoping for some advice on how best to frame and capture the sort of image I had in mind for it, but he ended up volunteering to come over to the house, expensive camera equipment in hand, and do the work himself. Wow! That was so much more than I could've hoped for. And today was the day when he came and did just that!

There are lots of reasons to love the digital age of photography that we're in, but never more than a situation like this, where neither of us was completely sure what we were looking for. The zero cost investment of taking photos now allowed Carl to snap literally dozens of shots, from different angles, with different lighting, all safe in the knowledge that he could later both examine and manipulate the various images until he had exactly what we needed.

The shoot was today, but the post-production work will continue for a couple weeks, I imagine. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

I've had great luck with people helping me with my book covers up to now, and that good fortune looks to be continuing. Very exciting!

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