Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jonesy's New Friends

Our new family member had his first couple visitors come a-calling last night, which proved to be pretty exciting for all involved.

One of his new friends Jonesy took to immediately:

But the other one required quite a bit more time (and space) to warm up to:

About a minute or two after that first photo was taken, Cooper ventured over to see just what Julie had in her arms, resulting in a frantic attempt by Jonesy to get the Hell out of there!! For a few seconds it was all claws and orange fur tangled up in Julie's hair as the poor little guy tried to avoid being eaten - he figured - by the giant golden monster that was headed his way. Julie survived with only a scratch or two, and hours later she was repaid for the sacrifice of her body when Jonesy decided her lap was the best available spot for his nap, just a foot or two away from where Cooper was sleeping. We figure at least one more Cooper visit will be required before the two of them are besties, but it shouldn't take too long, based on how much more confident the smaller one got around the bigger one over the course of 6 hours or so.

Not surprisingly, there were no Lucy sightings for the entire evening.

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