Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Launch Party Has Come And Gone

We had a fairly good turnout yesterday for the launch of Old Wounds (25 people, we think), though not quite as impressive as for No Brother of Mine last May (33 attendees).  The rain may have kept a few people home, and I've heard from one person already who just plain forgot about it!  I thought I'd overdone it with the reminders, between e-mail, this blog, Facebook and Twitter, but apparently not.  Oh well.

If you pre-ordered a copy and weren't able to make the party, please get in touch and we'll figure out a time and place to do the hand-off.  I'm looking forward to hearing what people think of my latest creation, and have already begun work on the next one.

One of the nicest aspects of the party was hearing so much positive feedback on No Brother of Mine.  It's pretty clear that Mitch and Ray's story struck a chord with a lot of folks, and I can't tell you how gratifying that is to me!  As it stands right now, NBoM is still being outsold by the first AgileMan book, but only by a whisker.  If you want to help push it to the very top of my own personal "best sellers" list, then please consider buying a copy of it to give to a friend or loved one.  It seems to be very well-loved by everyone who's read it.

My thanks go out to all those who showed up yesterday, and to Vicki and Emma for their support and hosting activities.  Maybe we'll do this again in a year or so.

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