Monday, April 01, 2013

My New Book (For Real, This Time)

Hopefully everyone enjoyed my little April Fool's gag earlier today.

With that silly business out of the way, here's the real deal on my new book, which is called Old Wounds:

What happens when time doesn’t heal all wounds?
When writer Mike Watkins is asked to give the eulogy for his great-uncle after the ninety-year-old war hero dies in his sleep, it seems like a daunting challenge. Mike and his brothers had grown up in the company of Uncle Howard in the family home, but the old man had always steadfastly refused to describe his experiences in World War II.  No matter how many times he was asked about his time in the British Army, Howard Brighton had kept mum, much to his great-nephews’ frustration. 
Thanks to a steady diet of colourful old war movies on their TV, the Watkins boys had built up all kinds of fantasies about the reluctant war hero's activities in the 1940s and how he'd gotten the leg wound that had ended his army stint.  Their theories about Uncle Howard often revolved around stolen Nazi gold and various other criminal enterprises. Now, decades later, Mike sets out to discover the truth behind whatever it was that his great-uncle had refused to speak of for all those years.
While he’s busy digging into family history, however, Mike also seems to have picked up a mysterious female stalker. What secret from his past does she represent, and what plans does she have in mind for Mike?
Only three other people have read Old Wounds so far, but they all seem to have enjoyed it immensely.  I never really feel confident until the new book gets a lot more feedback than that, but it's still nice to start off on a high note.
Here's the lovely cover, as prepared by Gabrielle Scheyen, daughter of Pete (who many of us have had the pleasure to work with in the past):

I'll be sending out a bulk e-mail shortly, soliciting pre-orders for Old Wounds.  If you don't happen to receive the e-mail but would like a copy of the book, just leave a Comment here or send me an e-mail.  As always, I really appreciate when people order ahead of time, as it lets me print a reasonable number of copies right upfront.

There's going to be a Launch Party for Old Wounds, just as we did for No Brother of Mine.  It'll be at our place on Sunday, April 28th.  Please mark that date on your calendar, and I hope you can attend.  I'll provide more details on the party closer to the date.

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