Monday, April 01, 2013

Unveiling My New Book: The Royals!

I provided a huge hint on Facebook a week or two ago, when I revealed that the title for the new novel would be two words, with the first word being three letters and the second one being six letters.  That seemed like a dead giveaway, so I was a little surprised that no one got it right, although Boneman was very close with The Robots.  Now it's time to finally end the waiting game and share my big news.  Here's the cover, title and description of my next book:

In The Royals, we visit a slightly fictionalized British Empire where a mostly-bionic Queen Lizzie has been ruling with a literal iron fist for fifty years, much to the frustration of her son, Charlie, and her grandsons Willy and Andy.  But now two generations of royals-in-waiting are willing to wait no longer!  Instead, the three of them have joined forces to bring the old lady down, while scheming to take each other out in the process.  Exploding compacts, poisoned caviar, electrified toilet seats and deadly corgi imposters are just the beginning in this farcical romp through the bedchambers of Buckingham Palace, the secret catacombs beneath the Tower of London, and the indescribably dirty Royal Riding Stables!  Will the last prince standing get to Rule Britannia like never before, or will the plucky octogenarian monarch outwit - and outlive - them all?

I must say what a relief it is to finally be able to talk about my Magnum Opus, and to start April off right!


Vicki said...

I really enjoyed the editing this time!

Jimmy said...

I was momentarily very excited - damn you April Fool's Day.

Anonymous said...

Shut up and take my money!!!