Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fan Fic Goes 'Big Time'... Or Does It?

The news today about Kindle Worlds, where writers of fan fiction will be allowed to legitimately create new stories for properties such as The Vampire Diaries, is interesting on a whole bunch of levels.

Here's one take on it, which I definitely found to be worth a read.  I've been thinking a lot lately about the prospects of trying to get published (rather than self-publishing), especially in light of how well received last year's book (No Brother of Mine) continues to be.  What I always come up against, as I worry the idea around in the admittedly-limited confines of my own brain, is a fear that I'll end up having to give up some degree of control and/or ownership, if I were to go that route (assuming anyone was even interested in publishing me, that is).  I love the fact that, as of right now, every character and story element I've created, between Game Over, No Brother of Mine and Old Wounds, as well as the very exciting 4th novel whose 1st chapter I finished this morning (!), are 100% mine mine mine.  I can do whatever I like with them, and nobody has a say in the matter except me.  That's one of the key enticements that writing holds for me, among many other benefits.

Just as the article writer (above) mentions, I wouldn't want to waste my creative juices on work-for-hire terms, either.  But I'm not producing fan fic now, so I suppose my feelings on the subject don't really matter, anyway.

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Vicki said...

I think anything that doesn't pay and protect the writer is just big corporations messing with us!