Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making Money Off Old Wounds

As of an ePub sale that happened this morning, my 3rd novel has now turned a profit!  It's always a nice feeling when I get to that point, as it means that that particular writing project will remain in the black from now on.  The only book of mine that hasn't done that is No Kid of Ours is Failing at Math, and that's only because I over-ordered on the initial print run, assuming that it would be more popular than the pre-orders had indicated (it hasn't been, so far).  Both AgileMan books and all three novels have now made money for Vicki and I, and I thank all of my readers and supporters out there for that happy fact!

Speaking of sales, there was another milestone passed this morning as No Brother of Mine became my top selling book, surpassing the first AgileMan volume.  Both of them have 'moved' well over 100 copies now, which I know isn't much compared to non-self-published projects, but I'll still take it.

Now I just need to get started on novel # 4, which I keep procrastinating on.  Bad Matt!

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