Thursday, August 22, 2013

Novel Progress

Today I finished the fourth chapter of my fourth novel, and feel as if I'm getting some steam up on this project for the first time.  It's been a tough summer so far for writing, as I've suffered from a shortage of motivation and an abundance of distractions.  However, with the first act of the story now more-than-half done, I'm finally getting to the stuff that I've wanted to write since before I began putting it all into Word.

I think this is going to be my longest novel yet in terms of number of chapters, though I'm not sure how the word count will measure up.  The structure is all worked out in my head already and has been for months, so it's really just been all the many little details that have been percolating around up there lately.  As a lot more of the pieces have come together lately, I expect the pace to begin to pick up anytime now.

Vicki's given me feedback on each of the four chapters so far, and it's all been very positive.  We both think this is going to be quite the exciting story but of course it'll be many months yet before I'll know whether we're both smoking weed on that front or not.


Sue G said...

I have a mental picture of you two smoking weed. A hahahahahahaha.

Kimota94 aka Matt aka AgileMan said...

Whatever floats your boat, Sue!!