Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Ending Big

Well, I don't actually know how Breaking Bad is going to end... the finale is still more than two hours away.  But we're going to have our own little BB mini-party tonight, as a friend and his teenage son are coming over to send off the series with us! 

As far as predictions are concerned, I'm pretty bad at them when it comes to TV shows (I had no idea where Lost was going as it wound down).  I will say that I hope Jesse gets revenge on Todd before it's all over, and that Walt doesn't survive the finale.  I've definitely gone from being a Walter White-booster to rooting against the man, although I admire the hell out of the job the writing staff has done in developing that character over six years of television.  His progress from mild mannered chemistry teacher to meth-empire-building Heisenberg is one for the ages, and I'll be sad to see it all end tonight.

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