Friday, September 13, 2013

First Act Of The New Book Is Now Written

Unlike my previous novels, I've had the structure of the fourth one in my head since before I began writing it.  I could clearly see the three acts that would make up the story, and I knew what would propel each act along.  For comparison's sake, I was well into No Brother of Mine before I came up with the idea of one of the detectives looking into the twenty year old death of the father.  That ended up being a major catalyst for the action in the second half of the book and yet it was a relatively late addition.

This time around, it's such a different experience from the earlier books that I almost can't believe it.  And so far, through six chapters, very little has changed between what I'd originally envisioned and what's actually going down on the virtual page.  Maybe this is the way I'll always write, from now on?  Or possibly I've just gotten lucky and it'll never happen again.

Anyway, I'm having a good time and my work is now about a third of the way complete.

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