Saturday, September 24, 2011

Counting Down To Radiohead On Saturday Night Live

In a little less than 90 minutes, the latest season of Saturday Night Live will begin with Alec Baldwin setting a record for most appearances as host. I enjoy Baldwin, here and on 30 Rock, but the real SNL draw for me tonight is the musical guest: Radiohead!!

I've really been getting into their latest CD, The King of Limbs, as well as getting a second wind on the previous one, In Rainbows. Therefore I'm hoping they do a couple numbers from one or both of those releases, but I don't really care: any Radiohead is great Radiohead! And I say: bring it on!!

[Update Sep 26/11: The boys performed "Lotus Flower" and a so-far-unreleased song called "Staircase" that I naturally had never heard before, freaking me out a little as I thought I knew all their music!. You can watch them recording "Staircase" here, if you like!]

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