Saturday, September 03, 2011

Game Over Almost Turning A Profit Already

Just 10 days after the initial order arrived, I've sold enough copies of Game Over to be within spitting distance of turning a profit on it. That's partly a reflection of not having done too large of an overprint (how many copies I printed beyond what had been pre-ordered) and partly thanks to good word of mouth bringing in some extra sales. As more and more people get their hands on the book, I just hope that latter trend continues! I've had several people finish it already (all part of that "page turner" classification that seems to be sticking to it) and they're all saying good things about it. Even the most negative response so far was actually mostly positive, which is fantastic! But we'll see if that's still true in another week or two!

Speaking of which: if you've finished reading it and haven't passed along your thoughts to me via a comment, e-mail or verbally, please consider doing so! Also, if you loved it, I'd appreciate it if you left a rating and/or review of it here or here. That sort of thing could certainly help drive some "cold sales" online!

Anyway, I hope to soon be able to report that Game Over is in the black!!

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