Saturday, September 10, 2011

Re-Stocking Game Over

I'm happy to report that we've almost sold through the extra copies of Game Over from the original print run! (For those who pre-ordered but haven't gotten their copies yet, not to worry: those are set aside for you.) There are, I think, 5 extra copies left now, which is just below my comfort level and so I've ordered 20 more. We were just one sale away from profitability, but now obviously we'll need a few more to cover the latest cost. There have also been three Kindle sales so far, which is a nice start but we really need word of mouth to kick in to drive those numbers up. If you've read Game Over and loved it, please take a minute or two to tell a few friends or family members about it. Lend your copy out, send them to the Kindle store, bug me for another copy, or demand that your local book store carry it!! ;-)

Response to the book continues to be enthusiastically positive, which is just indescribably rewarding! Here's one I received in the last couple of days:

"Done! Great book! Love the ending! I might have to read it again just to continue enjoying it! No disappointments at all!! LOVED IT!!
I'll be waiting for the next book....Hurry!"

Who wouldn't love to receive feedback like that?!

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