Monday, September 26, 2011

Walking Goal: Week 16 Report - Penultimate Edition

I added about 30 kms this past week, despite a fair amount of rain (and it's just teeming outside as I type this update) and minimal motivation with my goal reached and the completion of the project looming. The week ended with Julie and I on our first walk in over a month, which we then got to repeat when we got home only to discover that one of us had dropped our keys somewhere along the way (we never did find them). Anyway, my total's now:

612 kms (122.5% of my 500 km goal)

With just one week to go and lots of precipitation in the forecast, I'm shooting for at least 625 kms as that would put me at 125% of the goal. Considering how close I am, that's not exactly stretching... but c'mon, I've done a lot of walking already and my poor knees are starting to feel it!

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