Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nice Recap Of Disney's 'Progress' With Marvelman

For the select few out there interested in comic stuff, I recommend this recent blog post which does a nice job bringing together all of the 'news' out of Disney Comics regarding their progress to date on using the Marvelman set of characters (the rights to which they acquired, they say, in July of 2009).

It's amazing just how little progress has been made in 2.5 years, especially when you consider that the handful of reprints they've done of the quite-dreadful 50's/60's Marvelman material went over like lead balloons, both commercially and critically. Anyone who cares about the character is waiting impatiently for the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman stories from the 80s and early 90s to be reprinted; most are hoping Gaiman will get a chance to finish his take on the character that was halted in 1994 when the American publisher, Eclipse Comics, went bankrupt; and some want Disney to then integrate the superhero into the Marvel Universe. I'm not optimistic about the quality or appeal of that last possibility, but the first two are quite thrilling. It's really too bad that Disney has done nothing but disappoint so far.

And if anyone wants to know more about the multi-decade, incredibly tangled publishing history of Miracleman/Marvelman, you can always check out my MM primer that I wrote up shortly after the 2009 announcement out of San Diego.

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