Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Draft Complete!

A few minutes before midnight last night, I wrote the final sentence of my second novel. It's still very rough, at this point, and I'll be spending the next few days doing a front-to-back pass on it, to see what parts of it don't agree with what other parts of it. The story is all there, though, which is a big relief. I wasn't sure it would all come together until I actually got the words down. Now I'm quite happy! Of course no one, not even Julie, has read the 2nd half of it yet, as I produced the last 7 chapters over the past week or so and wasn't sharing them with anyone (just too busy writing). So it could all be crap, unfortunately. But that's what editors and revisions are for!

[Update later that day: For the record, that was 74 days, from start to finish, for the first draft. Much, much faster than Game Over, which was nearly five months. There's still lots of work to do, but man, that was fast!]

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