Thursday, March 08, 2012

21 Years And Still Going Strong

Last night, Vicki and I had our wedding anniversary dinner a day early, and for the first time that I can remember, we shared the occasion with another couple. My brother Rich and my sister-in-law Meena took us out to the Keg and treated us to a great night out!

I had planned ahead, scheming with the two other Holmeses to surprise Vicki with news of a trip to Las Vegas for the four of us later this year, and I sweetened the deal by presenting her with an envelope stuffed with 21 $10 bills (US currency) for Vicki to spend there in whatever way she'd like. I've heard that you can gamble at a few select locations in that town, so she may choose to use the cash for that. Or possibly she'll want to go shopping, another activity which Rich and Meena assure us can sometimes be found there. Although no firm dates have been decided on yet, it's likely that this trip will happen in November or December, and probably be for 6 days or so.

This morning, Vicki presented me with several gifts, including the following little item:

That's right, kids: that's Batman # 29, from 1945! Vicki probably thought about holding onto it for our 29th anniversary, but that's still a long way off. So I'm glad she didn't make me wait!

With both of our birthdays just around the corner, R & M also gave us Cineplex gift certificates, which I have a feeling are going to come in awfully handy right around May 4th (The Avengers), June 8th (Prometheus) and July 20th (The Dark Knight Rises). It's almost like they planned it that way...

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