Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Birthday Treat To Myself

I just finished my 3rd or 4th reading of The Kraken Wakes, by John Wyndham. (I provided a brief synopsis of it three and a half years ago, after a previous journey through its pages.)

I started this latest go at it on Saturday, as a small birthday treat. It was all I could do to stretch it out over 4 days, as I would've happily blown through all 240 pages on the first day, if I hadn't forced myself to savour it slowly. It's such a great story, and one I never get tired of re-living.

Incidentally, I noticed this time around that Wyndham's style of writing is something that must have subconsciously influenced my own. He's as sparse at describing people and settings as I tend to be, and often writes in the first person. However, he doesn't use flashbacks much, so I guess I'm not following him all that closely. Still, it's interesting to learn where some of my inclinations come from.

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