Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jonesy Makes Another New 'Friend'

After 3 sessions getting to know Cooper over the past several weeks, it was time for Jonesy to finally meet Finley. We're going to have both of Julie's pets for a week shortly, so we figured we should get Jonesy used to them before that happens. Julie was of the opinion that Finley would be fine with the new kitten, even going so far as to predict that he'd 'mirror' whatever Jonesy did (curiousity for curiousity, indifference for indifference, etc.) I had my doubts, as I've had enough experience bringing a kitten into the presence of an older cat to know that the usual result is that the kitten's OK with it while the mature cat tends to flip out, at first.

And sure enough, Finley decided to hiss and growl constantly at Jonesy whenever he saw him initially, which eventually got Jonesy's back up (literally):

However, Jonesy kept going back for more, and eventually, after a few hours together, there was a limited sort of acceptance on Finley's part:

In other words, progress was made, but there's still some ways to go before they'll be playing together. Fortunately, Jonesy and Cooper didn't backtrack at all in how comfortable they are with each other, so we're hopeful the two cats will similarly pick up where they left off the next time they meet.

One thing's for sure: Jonesy's very bored today, after all the excitement of having two four-legged visitors to entertain him last night! Lucy just doesn't cut it after that, I'm afraid.

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