Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Brother Of Mine Reaches A Milestone

According to my records, my second novel has now outsold my first one! That's somewhat impressive, considering that Game Over was released last September, nearly a year ago, while No Brother of Mine has only been out for less than three months so far. This feat was helped along by the book club that my niece Vanessa got NBoM into, Vicki's tireless efforts in talking it up to everyone she meets, as well as a much-appreciated high level of repeat business from the first book to the second.

It's very gratifying to have the numbers trending in that direction, and I can only hope they'll continue to do so as I release more novels in the future. At the moment, I can safely say that my books sell "dozens and dozens of copies", but obviously I long for the days when I'll be able to boldly proclaim that it's "hundreds and hundreds", instead. More than that might be dreaming, but even that level of readership would make me very happy indeed.

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