Monday, July 30, 2012

No Brother Of Mine Is Popular With The Ladies

(Yeah, that title works really well on a number of levels!)

I've noticed lately that my second novel seems to be especially popular with female readers. The most recent example of this came when our financial planner bought a copy of No Brother of Mine but didn't get a chance to read it because, minutes after he got home with it, his wife picked the book up and began devouring it! The next thing I knew, I was getting updates from him such as:

"Well... So far [she] hasn't put your book down. Impressive!!"

and then, the next day, quoting his wife:

"I am loving this book! I love the protagonist...wanna finish it quick!"

A few hours after that, it was:

"She loved the book! She is going to tell the world about it I can tell. Congrats sir!"

followed by news that his wife had passed 'his' copy of the book on to her mother, who she was sure would love it. I quickly pointed out that it could hardly count as 'his' copy considering that he was now at least 3rd in line for it!

At any rate, I definitely seem to have struck a chord with many readers who happen to be among the fairer sex.

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