Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Vegas Photos

I should have mentioned in my original write-up that the entire Vegas trip was organized and booked by my brother, Rich, who even went so far as to print off our boarding passes (leaving and returning) after telling us just to show up with our passports and baggage.  I'm used to Vicki taking care of all those sorts of details when we travel, and therefore I think she found it particularly enjoyable to be able to just sit back and have everything done for us.  He did a great job of it, too: it all came off without a hitch, from the flights and hotel rooms to the rental car and Cirque du Soleil tickets.  He should really consider a new career as a travel agent!

While we didn't take a lot of photos on our trip, we did manage to snap a few.  Prepare yourself for a brief tour of Sin City, led by someone who barely remembers any of what happened there...

Here's our rather huge room at the Palazzo, which is 'attached' to the Venetian (for those who thought I was making that pilates-like name up):  

Here we are standing outside the waterfalls at... I'm guessing... the Venetian?  My already poor sense of direction was even weaker than usual because of how sick I was:

Vicki and Meena fit right into the beautiful display that was up somewhere in our dual hotel complex:

One topic was never far from my mind, no matter how many miles we travelled:

On our second last night, if memory serves me, we walked to the Bellagio fountain show:

which held our rapt attention:

And on our final full day, Rich and I hit the comic stores:

And then it was time to head home and be greeted by Emma and her neglected roommate:

Now I just need to get rid of this viral infection that's plagued me for a month, and life will be good again!

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