Friday, November 02, 2012

That Obama, What A Job Killer!

Conservatives keep beating the same drum: President Obama has been bad for jobs! And yet the data shows:

Where the shrinking job market in the U.S. recently has been, of course, is in government positions. Forced by Republican obstruction in the House of Representatives and elsewhere, and fueled by an absolutely moronic misunderstanding of how austerity affects a recession where interest rates can't go down, millions of jobs within the eduction and public service sector have been slashed. So-called 'deficit hawks' insisted on those cuts with one breath, while demanding tax reductions for the wealthy in the next (so much for cutting the deficit!), and so the government rolls have shrunk significantly. Meanwhile, as the graphic above shows, the private sector's been pulled out of the death spiral George W. Bush put it into.

I can't remember seeing quite this level of dishonesty and dismissal of the facts among one of the parties since the Watergate days.

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