Friday, May 27, 2011

Boneman's Bruins Are Gonna Play For The Cup!

In a very exciting Game 7 tonight, the Boston Bruins claimed the 2011 Eastern Conference Championship by edging Tampa Bay 1-0! They'll begin what should be an epic Stanley Cup Final against the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night, marking the first time Boston's been there since 1990, I believe. As for the Canucks...

Well, if my memory serves, it was 1994 the last time Vancouver vied for the Cup, and they came very, very close to winning it that year. I seem to recall a Game 7 then, as well... Fortune smiled on us long-suffering Rangers fans on that historic Tuesday evening, indeed, and we got a Game 7 for the Ages! Maybe Boneman will be equally blessed by the time the dust settles on 2011's big matchup.

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Boneman8 said...

For me, it was an exciting game to watch. And although by saying, "...that was a great game...", I could be accused of simply being biased towards the winning team, I have to believe that regardless of the winner, the game was fun to watch.

Obviously, the tip in by Horton (who had left the game for a spell earlier after having been hit awkwardly), put my heart somewhat at ease...that is, until the ensuing faceoff took place.

I can't say that I expect too much in the finals. I personally believe that Vancouver is just too good (regardless of who came out of the East -- all 8 teams included). But I'm happy that my B's made it back to the promised land. Neely is wearing a suit now, rather than a jersey, but it doesn't look like he's lost any of his intensity!