Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Brief Tammy Update

Our world-traveling daughter has now started her six-week South American trip (Continent Number Five for her, leaving only Oceania/Australia and Antarctica to go), this time in the company of her wonderful boyfriend, Ryan. We had gotten a couple of e-mails from her already, but last night had a much better treat: a Skype conversation with the pair of them! Their Internet connection in the Mendoza (Argentina) hostel was seriously suboptimal, meaning that both the video and audio were pretty sketchy, but it was still terrific to see and hear them even under those conditions! And we're hoping that the next video call, in about a week or so, will be better quality (it'll be hard-pressed to be any worse!).

Tammy's dedication to this particular goal of hers (seeing all seven continents by the age of 25) is quite awe-inspiring and well beyond anything that most of us would have ever aspired to at that early stage of our life. Nice to see her 5/7 of the way along now!

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