Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Long Weekend Has Come And Gone

Thanksgiving 2011's just wrapping up, as I type this. It's funny how, when you're not working, long weekend's are often more of a pain than anything else. I usually do some grocery shopping on Mondays, for example, but not when Monday's a holiday!

Despite that, this was actually a good Thanksgiving. Vicki and I were invited to my brother Rich's place for a traditional holiday dinner yesterday, the likes of which we rarely see anymore. I'm in the process of reconnecting with him after a lot of years of separation, and among other things it's fun to watch him and Vicki getting to know each other while my sister-in-law Meena and I go through the same process. Rich, by the way, holds the record for the fastest read of Game Over, I think. He started it on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, while we were at Beatlefest, and - breaking only for meals - finished it later that same day!

Today Vicki and I tackled the chore of oiling our heavy-traffic hardwood floor areas (kitchen and entranceway), which you really have to do at a time when there's not much going on afterward, as the oil needs many hours to dry without being walked on. It's the sort of activity that I'd hate to have to do by myself, but since we always do it together, I never seem to mind it all that much.

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and that you remember that there's no time like the present to start your Christmas shopping...

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