Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Classic World Series

Before this past week, had there ever been a World Series in which a team twice came within a strike of winning it all, only to end up the eventual loser of that Fall Classic? I can't imagine there had been. But thanks to the Texas Rangers of 2011, we've now seen that happen. Somewhere, if there's any justice at all, George W Bush is still crying bitterly over that outcome.

I thoroughly enjoyed this year's World Series. Game 7 itself could have had a little more drama, but considering all that had come before it - especially the aforementioned rise and fall and rise and fall of the Rangers in Game 6 - that might simply be asking too much. This was truly a series for the ages.

And, for those of us who love our playoff baseball, the fact that there were 38 of a possible 41 games across the three rounds meant that we weren't shortchanged at all in this year's postseason. Yay for us!

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