Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dan "The Man" Mangan Shines In Concert

It was a family outing last night, as Vicki and I took great-niece Emma and great-nephew Hunter "out on the town" for an evening of dining and entertainment. We hit the Keg for dinner and then headed for a meet-up with a couple friends of ours who'd convinced us that Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Mangan was an act that we should see.

The husband of the couple, Tim, sometimes works with a local concert venue to bring performers there, and he was thrilled that Mangan was making yet another return appearance to that location. His wife, Cathie, met us before the doors of the venue opened and got us in a back way where, after showing our tickets and waiting through a sound check, we were able to grab six front row seats! Here are my three family members:

and then Vicki turned the camera around on us:

Mangan and his band were incredible, and it seemed like musician Hunter really appreciated some of what they were capable of. I found that I liked the music more and more as the set progressed, with the last several numbers being the most impressive. Dan's shown below, centre-left, with his right arm in the air:

When he came back out for the encore, Dan discovered that someone had left him a tin of homemade cookies on the stage. Picking one up, he looked out in the audience for a volunteer, and so I put my hands out, cupped, and he tossed it directly to me. I tried to give the cookie to Emma, but her painfully shy nature took over and she demured. So I assured Mr Mangan I was willing to be his food tester, and took a big bite out of a delicious chocolate chip cookie! I gave him the thumbs up signal, and the show then continued. I'd get a high five from Dan later in the encore, when he'd come down into the audience and walk by us front rowers, singing the whole time. What a great experience for all of us!

We got the kids home "a little late" (after midnight), but hopefully it was worth a bit of lost sleep for the experience. Vicki and I definitely had a great time, and thanks are owed to our friends Tim and Cathie for getting us out there and into such great seats!

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