Monday, October 03, 2011

Walking Goal: Week 17 Report - Final Edition!

(If you've hated these updates all summer, then today is your lucky day! Or, rather - technically, I guess - every day after today is your lucky day!)

17 weeks ago today, I was on a walk through the woods with Julie and announced to her that I was going to try to walk at least 500 kms over the next four months (Jun through Sep). I estimated how far we walked that day, ordered a pedometer when I got home from that walk, and have been going ever since. Yesterday marked the end of that 17 week sojourn, although ironically Vicki and I were too busy and it was too rainy for me to add to my total at all! Anyway, here's where I finished up:

635 kms (127% of my 500 km goal)

Thanks to everyone who encouraged this latest of my life goals. It was a very positive experience and no doubt helped my health considerably.

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Vicki said...

And wore out one perfectly good pair of running shoes! Congrats on another goal, set and accomplished!