Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Avengers: Even Better The Second Time

Last night Vicki and I took advantage of "cheap Tuesdays" to go see The Avengers again. We wanted to watch it in 2D, which I think was a great decision as we both agreed it was much more enjoyable that way. It's kind of ironic that we spent about 1/3 as much for the 2nd viewing but liked it even more than the 1st one!

I should mention, for posterity, that the theatre was packed! Given that it's now in its 3rd week of release, I had expected the crowds to be considerably reduced. Instead, the ushers were getting people to fill up every empty seat by the time the previews started. The fact that it was Tuesday no doubt had something to do with the turnout, but still!

Anyway, I was able to follow different aspects of the film this time, knowing the storyline going in. I really loved how writer/director Joss Whedon provided so many of the tussles and team-ups that Marvel/Disney fans would expect:
  • Hulk vs Thor
  • Thor vs Iron Man
  • Black Widow vs Hawkeye
  • Captain America vs Thor (very briefly)
  • Thor actually teaming up with Hulk
  • Captain America and Iron Man side-by-side
  • and of course Hulk vs Loki!
I was struck last night by just how perfect a super-team movie The Avengers is. That's always been considered a very tricky proposition to pull off, and yet Whedon made it look easy. Here's hoping he signs up for the sequel!

If you haven't see The Avengers yet, what are you waiting for?

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