Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Guess The Turnout

Susan, our gracious hostess for this Sunday's launch party for No Brother of Mine, asked me in an e-mail this week to estimate how many people will show up. I gave her the most honest answer I could think of: somewhere between 10 and 100. That's about as much as I could narrow it down, given that I decided not to ask for RSVP's from people as that scares some off. I'm also faced with not knowing whether people will come solo or bring family members, which obviously affects the numbers. Susan, of course, has to plan the food for the afternoon, so my response probably didn't help a whole lot.

When I told my brother about this development this afternoon, he predicted 57 people (hitting pretty close to the midpoint of my range, I notice). Vicki says 35 or so. I'm hoping for more than my low-end figure (10). Does anyone else care to hazard a guess between now and Sunday @ 2:00? If so, leave it as a comment here.

Regardless, I'm getting more and more excited at the prospect of getting NBoM into some new hands. Hopefully we'll see you on Sunday afternoon and yours can be some of the hands I'm referring to!

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