Saturday, August 11, 2012

3rd Novel Progress Update

This afternoon I finished the 2nd chapter of my 3rd novel. It took me over a month to get through it, but most of that time was spent in the activity commonly known as "not writing." Part of that was due to waiting on feedback on Chapter 1 from Tammy, which never came due to her crazy busy work schedule down in Melbourne, but mostly it was just me procrastinating.

Last weekend, though, Vicki and Julie began 'pestering' me with questions about the book, which got the creative juices flowing again. A week, and 20 pages of writing later, it's coming along quite nicely. I accomplished everything I wanted to in the second chapter, including providing some nice backstory to several of the characters.

I should also mention, for posterity, that I have the book's title already in mind, and have had it since before I started writing the first page. That's different than either of the first two novels, where the title came to me well into the writing. For the first one, I think I was about halfway through when I floated Game Over as a possibiity to Julie, and she immediately loved it and started rattling off all the ways in which it would work. I believe I was several chapters into No Brother of Mine before I started even thinking of titles, and it was really the line of dialogue, "No brother of mine would try to kill his own father," that sold me on the utility of that particular choice. This time around, however, I had the title before I really had much of the story. So we'll see how that works!

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