Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marketing No Brother Of Mine In The Neighbourhood

Soliciting opinions on the following:

I had an idea this afternoon about printing up a flyer about No Brother of Mine, basically describing the premise of the book and explaining who I am, including contact info such as phone # and e-mail address, and then sticking a copy of the flyer into a bunch of mailboxes of homes in our neighbourhood.

I'd obviously tailor the flyer toward a neighbourhood angle - "Hi neighbour! You may have seen my wife and I out walking but did you know that I've also recently published a book that's been getting very good reviews from everyone who's read it?" sort of thing - to play upon the familiarity aspect of who I am. I'd probably print up 50 copies of the flyer, distribute them and see if anything came of it (i.e. sales or other interest).

It's a pretty low cost form of marketing/advertising, which appeals. However, I'm a little leary that some people might find the flyer annoying or inappropriate.

Thoughts? Please leave them as Comments here, if you have any.

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