Friday, August 31, 2012

Flyers = Sales?

Despite a complete dearth of responses by any of you to my request for feedback on the idea of a neighbourhood flyer for No Brother of Mine, I went ahead and printed up 50 copies anyway. This morning I distributed them into mailboxes in our general vicinity, and this afternoon we got our first sale as a result! That more than pays for the printing costs, meaning that this particular operation is already in the black now.

Hopefully we'll get more than just the one sale, though.

[Update Sep 4/12: And we got our second sale as a result of the flyers today. Now we're cooking!]

[Update Sep 8/12: Two more sales courtesy of the flyers, bringing the total to 4!]

[Update Sep 12/12: As I posted about above, six additional sales came along thanks to someone in the neighbourhood who works at the St. Joseph's Hospital gift shop. Total now stands at 10!]

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