Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Starting To Feel Real

We were lucky enough to have great-niece Emma here for another 2-day visit, this week. Her primary goals this time around were, I believe:
  1. Bring some clothes with her so that the official move-in, at the beginning of the school year, wouldn't be so dramatic.
  2. Take the bus to and from the university so that she could familiarize herself with the route.
  3. Buy as many of her textbooks for the first term as she could find.

I assisted with the 2nd and 3rd items, and I suppose even the 1st one (as I did some loading and unloading of the car), and they all definitely made it start to feel real this week.

She's actually coming to live with us.

It's a pretty exciting prospect for Vicki and I, as we adore Emma and think she's a fantastic young lady. But there's also a bit of the ol' "fear of the unknown," at least in my heart, considering that Vicki and I have been on our own for something like 7 years now. Adjusting to having a 'younger person' (is that the politically correct term at the moment?) in the house again is probably going to be... interesting, to say the least. But it's now only 2 weeks away, so I suppose it's too late to change our minds about it, right?


Just kidding, Emma, if you happen to be reading this. We can't wait for you to get here!

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