Monday, September 24, 2012

How Not To Write Comic Book Reviews

I love this extremely well-thought-out article on the art of comic book reviewing. It touches on all of the areas that I think most 'outsiders' get wrong, including the rather shocking lack of general knowledge some critics bring to the task. As the article writer points out:  

'Imagine if a critic wrote (of a prose novel) that “the straightness of the lines of text reflect the narrator’s matter-of-fact perception of the word, and the ordering of the letters from left-to-right functions as a subtle reference to his growing political conservatism as he comes of age over the course of the novel.” 

This would be silly.'

And yet it's not at all uncommon to see critics unfamiliar with comics as an artform go on at length about its "juxtapositioning of words and images" or how it "has complete command of the reader's eye, leading us from one scene to the next."  Dude, that's what comics are! And if you don't understand that going in, then maybe you're not (yet) qualified to write a review of one. Just saying'...

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