Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Brother Of Mine Is Going Into The Hospital

The neighbourhood flyer for No Brother of Mine that I distributed a little more than a week ago just continues to produce results.

A few days ago, we received a call from a neighbour affiliated with the gift shop at St. Joseph's Hospital, wanting to know if I'd be interested in getting some copies of the book into that particular venue. Since I hadn't yet managed to place any of my books into any store, I was naturally thrilled at the prospect! After a bit of discussion, we decided on 6 copies, which should be arriving there tomorrow. I was assured that the sales clerks in the shop would read the store copy of NBoM, and if they liked what they saw they'd be likely to recommend it to hospital goers who arrived looking for something with which to pass the time. I happen to think that my 2nd novel is the perfect prescription for battling boredom (see what I did there, with the medical analogy?), and so this could be a marriage made in heaven.

Since the people running the gift shop like to support local authors, the 6 copies in question have already been bought by the store, rather than being sold on consignment. The store will make a couple dollars of profit per copy, as I sold them at a small discount. If those then sell out, I'll be asked for more of the same. I was told that they actually sell quite a lot of books, which makes sense when you consider how much waiting tends to go on in hospitals. If there's enough demand for NBoM over time, they might even do an Author Signing event at some point, as they've apparently done that sort of thing in the past. Obviously I'm not counting on anything like that happening, as I'm just happy to have made a half dozen new sales with the potential for more down the road.

Yay, promotional flyers!

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