Friday, September 21, 2012

The Old Guy Can Still Bring It

Musician Peter Gabriel is 4 years older than my brother Richard (to the day!), meaning that he's in his early-60s now. So it can't be all that easy to run around a stage for a 2-hour show anymore, and yet he's still managing to do that, somehow.

Vicki and I saw PG and his band at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night, and were thoroughly entertained. It's not quite the spectacular show it used to be, but I'm willing to give a little on that front, considering the age of everyone involved.  He did all of his fan-favourites, including the entirety of the So album (the tour is actually called "So - Back to Front").  I'd forgotten just how great a song "Digging in the Dirt" is, when played live.

I took some photos during the performance, but most of them are pretty crappy. We were just too far away, or I suck as a photographer (take your pick). Anyway, here's one of the better ones, showing the entire group but highlighting "the big three" (left to right) - Tony Levin, David Rhodes and Peter himself:

That was the 7th time I've seen PG in concert, and the 5th time for Vicki. I think that officially qualifies us as 'fans... don't you?

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