Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bushfires, Aussie Open And A Flap Over The Flag

Those are the topics dominating the news here in Melbourne this morning.  I rarely watch the news at home, but put me in a faraway country and I find local news absolutely fascinating!  You can always learn so much about your new locale from watching an hour or two of earnest correspondents reporting on and evaluating the big events of the day.

Oh, and "no worries" is most definitely Australian for "you're welcome."  Being Canadian, I say  "thank you" a lot, which means that I'm hearing "no worries, mate" on a regular basis.  Funnily enough, I wasn't even all that worried to begin with.  I'm feeling pretty mellow down here thus far, not even stressing over the food choices for once.  I had both a great lunch and a delicious dinner yesterday, which was an especially nice start to our stay Down Under.

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