Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Brother Of Mine Has Sold 100 Copies!

Thanks to Vicki selling a copy of my 2nd novel today, we've now hit the 100 sales mark!  From a self-publishing point-of-view, that's a significant milestone to achieve, especially when you consider that it's not in any bookstores and is really only available 'widely' via the Kindle Store.

Obviously, there's no way I could've moved so many copies of No Brother of Mine without the help of lots of generous people.  First of all, there's everyone who pre-ordered a copy, almost a year ago, which allowed me to do a sizable first order on the book.  Since then, Vicki has sold at least a dozen copies (probably more), including over Facebook and to perfect strangers that she's met on the train or wherever.  My niece Vanessa accounted for nearly a dozen sales, thanks to her getting the book (and me!) into the lovely Quai du Vin book club.  She also offered to provide sale # 100 yesterday, as she wants a copy to give to a friend, but I'm going to save that potential sale for another special occasion, which should be coming up shortly (more details later).  My sister-in-law Meena bought five copies of NBoM just so that she could give them away to friends, which was incredibly sweet of her.  And finally, I was lucky enough to have one of our neighbours who saw my flyer buy six copies to put up for sale in the hospital gift shop that she's on the board for.  So I'd say it's abundantly clear that I've had some awesome helpers on this!!  Thanks to you all!

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